Doggie Daycare

Doggie Daycare

 Doggie Day Camp

Doggie day camp is a positive alternative for you and you K9. Our facility offers a safe and clean environment where your wonderful pooch will be physically and mentally challenged, so you can come home to a calm, relaxed, happy dog.

Doggie  day camp also teaches your K9 how “to be” with other dogs and how to properly play and be sociable. This helps to build confidence and gain independence. During their daycare days we also provide training to help build manners and teach your dog to be polite and patient.

They will be trained how to:

  • Walk properly on loose leash ( We do 2 Pack Walks/Day)
  • Meet new people/quests properly
  • Basic Obedience (Sit, Stay, Heel, Down, recall)
  • Placement Training
  • Treadmill
  • Work on unwanted behaviour
  • Turn grooming or nails into a fun time not a stressful event

 The Benefits of Doggie Day Camp For Your Dog

  • Controlled Environment for Proper Socialization
  • Help Build Confidence
  • Help improve separation anxiety
  • Reduce boredom and destructive behaviour
  • Improve manners
  • Physical Activity & Mental Stimulation

Doggie Day Camp Pricing:

One Dog

  • $22.00 Full Day
  • $200 10 Day Pass ($2/Day Saving)
  • $360 20 Day Pass ($4/Day Savings)

Two Dogs

  • $42 Day
  • $380 10 Day Pass ($40 Savings)
  • $680 20 Day Pass ($80 Savings)

 Please Note: All Daycare Passes Must be Pre Paid. They do not expire so can be used when needed.

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