Grooming Services

  • All of our grooming services include a cleansing shampoo, followed by a conditioning treatment. Following that your pampered pooch  will be hand blow-dried, brushed out, and completely combed through. Their nails will be trimmed, and their ears will be cleaned out. Pads will be trimmed and potty area tidied.

      Pricing For Full Grooms & De-Sheds

    We will groom your dog to a customized haircut of your choice. Whether you prefer their coat long & natural, shaved short, or hand scissored , your dog will leave looking and feeling her best.

    Small…….$55+      Large……..$80+

    Medium…$65+     Giant……$90+



    •    Bath & Tidy

      If your dog comes in for regular maintenance grooming so he/she has a short and well-maintained coat, and does not require a full grooming bring them in for a Bath & Tidy. In addition to the basic groom (bath, blow-dry, nails & ears), your dog’s face and feet will be scissor tidied.






       Bath and Blow Dry

      For our clients that are boarding with us if you would prefer not to have a full groom or bath and tidy we can do just bath and blow dry to freshen up your pooch before heading home. Note this service is available at this price only if dog does not require any de-matting or extra services.

            Small Breeds $25

      Medium Breed $35

      Large Breeds $45

      A-La-Carte Menu

      Don’t need a full groom? Choose any service a la carte.


       Nail Trims $15 

      Nail Trim and Paw Tidy $20

      Ear Cleaning $12