Madison Fehr



Hi! I’m Madison, Kristin’s niece, I’ve worked at Prairielands Kennel for almost a year now and i love my job. I work at the front desk, with the daycare dogs and with the boarders. Animals have been the happiness of my life since i was a little kid. Before i even worked here I would always come visit the kennel just to come play with the dogs. Seeing the dogs get along with each other and having our own bonds with each individual dog is amazing. I love seeing how happy the dogs get when their parents show up and then getting to tell their parents about the best day they had. When i put the boarding dogs to bed i make sure to pet them all so they feel loved. I used to have 2 dogs where i grew up and i would spend all day with them. I don’t have any dogs of my own right now but I’m hoping to get one soon. My favorite dog breeds are probably German Shepherds or Golden Retrievers and I’m hoping to get a German Shepherd as my first dog.